Bfood™ products awarded with the 2014 NutriGold Prize

The range of products Bfood™ was awarded the NutriGold 2014 Prize by the Scientific Committee of the XVIII Conference on Practical Nutrition and the IX International Congress of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics, last March in Madrid.

The prize was awarded to Portuguese Company Palmeiro Foods, SA, through its represented in Spain – Iberlink Europe Sur, for the development of the most innovative product.

The contribution of iBET, namely of the Nutraceuticals and Controlled Delivery Group, was recognized by Palmeiro Foods President, Jaime Palmeiro.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce that the 2014 Nutrigold Innovation Prize was awarded to the Bfood products last week in Madrid.”

“Your support, guidance and suggestions have also contributed to the development of this work, allowing it to reach the level of quality that has now been recognized.”