Natural Adapted Food

Specifically designed for patients with mastication and ingestion problems, or dysphagia and other specific nourishing needs, who are unable to feed in a traditional way, Natural Adapted Food (NAF) enables texture and energy density modification. We can obtain different textures: liquid, nectar, honey, pudding and purée, guarantying a natural, complete and balanced sustenance that keeps the original flavours.

A wide variety and quality of products, flavors and textures available in potatoes, purees, fruit purées, smoothies, prepared for gelled water, thickener plus and modular supplements, developed from ingredients with natural origin and that seek to combine the pleasure of a To ensure a complete, healthy and balanced diet.

The Bfood product range was honored with the Nutrigold 2014 Award. A prize awarded to the most innovative product in the food industry that contributes to the promotion of food habits and lifestyle of the population.

Purees, Gelified Waters and Thickener Plus Bfood were recognized by the Food & Nutrition Awards for innovation in the agrifood sector, valorization of national production and relevance in promoting lifestyles and healthy eating habits of consumers.

Discover the new Sano & Light products

The new range of Sano & Light products is a practical and healthy alternative, designed for those looking for healthy eating habits and a balanced diet.

Try and live with pleasure.

Discover the new Bfit products

The new Bfit isotonic drinks promote the hydration and replacement of electrolytes, contributing to the normal muscular functioning of athletes and athletes. Rich in vitamins and minerals for reduced fatigue and fatigue, they are easy to prepare and the ideal alternative during or after the practice of intense or prolonged exercise.
Available in pineapple and lemon flavors, 5-packs or jars designed to ensure hydration over 12 workouts.
Try and keep your body hydrated.