Palmeiro Foods distinguished at the Food & Nutrition Awards 2015

Palmeiro Foods received 2 Honorable Mentions, in the category of Product Innovation with the products of the range Bfood.

Prepared powder for Púres, Bfood – ANA | Palmeirofoods S.A. e Powder preparation for gelled water, Bfood – ANA | Palmeirofoods S.A.

The preparations (powdered for obtaining) of gelled water Bfood result from a national entrepreneurial project that aims to meet the challenge of ensuring adequate water supply to the senior population, with swallowing / dysphagia difficulties, with the aim of acting at the level of education, Promotion of healthy lifestyles and eating habits. The preparations thus provide hydration solutions for seniors.

The concept that was at the origin of Bfood – ANA, was based on the development of a customizable range, consisting of natural ingredients adapted to the energy and nutritional needs of the senior population, with chewing difficulties. It was also conceived the sectorization and adaptation, of this line according to the morbidities and pathologies resulting from the aging. The Bfood Purees have been recommended under four main vertices, giving the products innovative and unique characteristics that enable them to be dintified, either from the food products on the market or from the traditional solutions of adapted texture feeding (soft, pasty and / or liquid diets) .