Antidiarrheal Purée

Format: 660g = 6 x 110 g e


Recommended for
• Mastication difficulties
• Ingestion complications or dysphagia
• Neurological disorders

• Adapted to adults and seniors nutritional necessities
• Appropriate for main meals (lunch/dinner)
• 15 varieties, differentiated and excellent ingredients (fish, meat and vegetarian meals)
• Easy and quick to prepare
• Rich in fibre
• Complete and balanced nutrition (enriched with extra virgin olive oil, essential fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6, high biological value proteins, selected vegetables and fibre that supply and average of 30% of the DRI*, with 14 vitamins and 13 minerals)
• Average energetic distribution formula: P/HC/L/F =20/47/30/3
• Modified texture: liquid, honey, nectar, pudding and puree)
• Smooth and creamy consistency
• Customizable energetic density
• Storage at room temperature
• Source of high biological value proteins
• High content of Omega 3 fatty acids
• Suitable as an unique source of nourishment

*DRI’s – Dietary Reference Intakes